Firing Up!

It’s been a while since I posted anything on the blog. I’ve kept Instagram alive as a space for sharing food inspiration, documenting those meals that needed a photoshoot before devouring, and the occasional recipe. But Aldo In Cucina has been, pun intended, on the back burner for a little while. And it’s sad because I started Aldo In Cucina to serve the food passion which has lingered inside me for such a long time.

A friend asked recently if I wasn’t doing much with Aldo In Cucina anymore and it was opportune because I had recently decided to make space in my life for the things that bring me joy: being creative, sharing creativity, telling stories and sharing food. I am, in every way, a frustrated creative. The same friend said to me, ‘yes, you are, responsibilities just get in the way.’ And I thought, that is exactly the truth. It has been many years since I really gave myself up to creative projects that feed my soul. Theatre projects have only been those that I have produced for school, and the food I’ve made for others has been the occasional dinner party and a grazing table here and there for friends or family celebrations.

This year, I have made a commitment to prepare myself for 2022. As we continue to fight the global pandemic, and our business of our lives become interrupted by lockdowns and restrictions, I have found myself more and more embracing the desire for a life that is filled with the things that are meaningful to me, not those I feel obligated to. For this reason, I have started to explore how my creativity can become my every day. I have an alternate website and blog ( and instagram (aldos_story) which capture my other creative pursuits: book writing, play writing, creative workshops and projects in literature, education and theatre). And I am starting to redirect Aldo In Cucina in the direction which I had always intended: to go beyond just sharing food over the internet, but rather to share food and food experiences in my own kitchen and in the kitchens of others.

Food is a celebration of the story of life. We share stories over food, food is the way we celebrate significant moments in life, and so many cultures and traditions and religious ceremonies have food at the centre of the experience – even just the humble loaf of bread has a story to tell. I have only very recently accepted that my purpose in life to tell and share story in all its forms, and food is one way of facilitating that. So, it is apt that I should spend this time of my life committing to story (I just finished writing a manuscript for a novel, and I am writing and producing original plays) and finding my way back to food as a storytelling medium.

I am excited to share soon how I am planning to move toward bringing my initial visions for Aldo In Cucina to reality. But for now, just know that I am all fired up!

Buon appetito!


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